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Eminence Students are Finalist

At The International

Technology Student Association Conference

Eminence Middle School’s Technology Student Association (TSA) team make their presence known at the International TSA Conference in Dallas, Texas held June 25- June 30.

Over 6,000 students from across the United States, Germany, and Turkey made the journey to the International Conference to compete in over 30 different events. Maddy Berrong, Caitlyn Lokits, Gus Curtsinger, Joey Reed, Connor Yenshaw and Sean Fleece competed in Chapter Team. The officer group made semifinals by scoring in the top twelve on the parliamentary procedures assessment. The semifinalist then competed by running a meeting using parliamentary procedures. The team had 17 minutes to complete the assigned business, conduct the opening and closing ceremonies and document minutes from the meeting. The team placed 5th in the event and made the stage as finalist.

Gus Curtsinger, Joey Reed, and Connor Yenshaw competed in Systems Control. The group brought an EV3 Lego Robotics kit to the event and were given an on-site task to complete. Students were given two hours and forty-five minutes to build a conveyor belt that sorts 6 items by color. The belt must be loaded automatically from a bin. A light must be red when the belt is running and green when the belt is not running. The six items must be sorted into three bins in less than four minutes. The team placed 5th in the event and made the stage as finalist.

Gus Curtsinger designed and built a CO2 dragster that placed 1st at the State TSA Conference. His design placed in the top 16 after the preliminary trails at Nationals were he made the semifinals and entered into the head to head races.

Advisor Sherry Curtsinger stated that the team did an excellent job at the State TSA Conference and she had no doubt that they would make the stage at the International Conference. Sherry Curtsinger was also recognized at the International Conference as the Kentucky Middle School TSA Advisor of the Year. “It is my honor to work with students, they are so creative and talented. It is one of the highlights of my career, working with the TSA curriculum, as it allows students to discover, explore, and develop problem solving and leadership skills”, says Curtsinger.

TSA State Conference Results

Sean Fleece placed 1st in the Microcontroller. He built and programmed a robotic dog to have three movements.

Catilyn Lokits, Maddy Berrong, and Adelaide Dennis placed 1st in the Leadership Challenge Event.

Dakota Woods placed 1st in the Coding.

Gus Curtsinger and Connor Yenshaw placed 1st in the Problem Solving.

Adelaide Dennis, Caitlyn Lokits, Gus Curtsinger, Connor Yenshaw, Joey Reed, and Maddy Berrong placed 1st in Chapter Team.

Gus Curtsinger placed 1st in CO2 Dragster event.

Joey Reed placed 2nd in Prepared Speech.

Sean Fleece placed 3rd in System Control.

Caitlyn Lokits, Maddy Berrong, and Adelaide Dennis placed 3rd in Web Design.

Advisor Sherry Curtsinger said, “I am so proud of our team. I am thankful for the support from our local community. We could not have made it to the International TSA Conference in Dallas without the help of Puckett’s Healthy Foods Prep, Johnson & Co Flooring, Sammy’s Bakery, Ballard Hardware & Co, Lube Rack Kings, J & J Pumpkins, Yenshaw 21st Century, Brenda’s Hair Salon and Tanning, Browning Chevrolet Inc, Fred Downing Shelter Insurance, and Tony Whaley State Farm.”

Congratulations to the Eminence Middle School TSA Team! The team represented our school, community, and state well at the TSA International Conference. Next year the International Conference will be held in Louisville, Kentucky and we look forward to seeing more students on the stage.

Eminence TSA Students at National Conference